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Hire PHPbb Developer & MODS Expert

Open Source Application Development (OSAD) is one of the leading web development companies offering high quality of different hiring services. Hire PHPBB developer from us for utilizing customizable set of key features that PHPBB offers to develop a forum/website.

PHP Bulletin Board is known as PHPBB and it is one of the best and most popular internet forums written in PHP language and used widely among the developers. PHPBB is cost-effective because it is an open source available for free to everybody. All round development of various forums is possible with the help of PHP and MySQL database used in PHPBB. It has user friendly installation process and easy to use administration panel which allows the developer to have a forum set up in minutes. It helps to take your online business to new heights and you can easily interact with your customers.

Features of PHPBB Development:

  • Easy installation process
  • Easy administration panel & user control panel
  • Supports multiple database management systems
  • Allows creation of custom-defined PHPBB code
  • Forum Management
  • Attractive multiple themes
  • Posting
  • Editing Messages
  • User ranking
  • Replying
  • Comments

You can hire PHPBB developer from us for following requirements:

  • With the use of PHPBB you can get all features built in your application as per your needs.
  • You can use hiring PHPBB services for integrating PHPBB into existing systems and customization of even the most complex features.
  • Our PHPBB developer fulfills your professional forum development needs and helps you to easily interact with potential customers.
  • We help you with utilization of latest features of PHPBB like PHPBB2 & PHPBB3.
  • You can hire our developer for creating custom profile fields, custom defined BBcode, multiple levels of sub forums and supporting different databases with the help of PHPBB.
  • Our PHPBB developers can help you with PHPBB customization, PHPBB implementation, PHPBB development, comprehensive PHPBB solutions and for any types of technical as well as non-technical PHPBB support.
  • You can hire our PHPBB developer for any other customized service requirements like designing templates and skins and PHPBB design integration.

Hire PHPBB Developer India from us and get following advantages:

  • Dedicated professional working just for you round the clock.
  • You can choose from our talented pool of professionals
  • Professional and transparent approach
  • No hidden costs, start up costs or maintenance costs
  • 24x7 support via any comfortable communication mode.
  • Project development under safe, secure and the most reliable environment.
  • Lower development costs.
  • Regular updates on the project.
  • Third party reselling rights and access to source code
  • Strict timings and stringent quality standards
  • We work in all three shifts to match client’s different time zones.
  • On time delivery of project without compromising on quality

For any of your requirement of Hire PHPBB developer please Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.