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Wordpress Web Development Services

Blogging is the favorite social media for people as they like to share their stories, emotions etc. Wordpress is the most powerful blog publishing tools available today.

At Open Source Application Development (OSAD), our wordpress web development services helps to develop blogs and is an unbeatable platform compared to others. It is used for developing content management system and allows customization of themes, categories, plug-ins, templates, tags, trackback etc. Wordpress web development is an open source so it is available for free to everyone. Wordpress development has a customizable platform compatible with Web2.0 and the system is based on PHP and MySQL programming.

We have expert in providing all types of wordpress web development services at affordable rates from our India based offshore development center.

Our Different Wordpress Services include:

  • Wordpress Web Development Services: We serve our clients with solutions prepared from the most stable and latest versions of Wordpress available. Our wordpress developers have all the expertise in installing wordpress along with tuning it with most standard and reliable settings. Our developers check the compatibility of your hosting server and the latest version of wordpress and then setup your files on server accordingly.
  • Wordpress Integration Service: Our wordpress developers integrate themes into the website according to your choice. We also offer third party integration services. Our wordpress plug-ins integration includes Smart You Tube, Google XML sitemap, event calendar 3, pageMash, WPtouch iPhone theme and many more.
  • Custom Plugin Development: Our developers use wordpress for designing most of the websites as it contains plenty of plugins. We prefer wordpress plugin as it is written in PHP programming language which has many beneficial features for web development.
  • Custom Theme Development: Our wordpress developers offer you full customizable, seo friendly, widgeted and professional wordpress themes to give unique touch to your business. We are always ready to provide you with customized themes matching your needs rather than just offering you ready made available themes. Our experts develop unique and creative themes for your websites. Our wordpress themes help you to create a professional web presence as they are valid with CSS and XHTML layouts.
  • Web Hosting: Wordpress installation needs hosting so we provide you with best providers offering you simple hosting solutions for your wordpress web.
  • Changing PSD to Wordpress: With the help of W3C Valid CSS and HTML codes our wordpress developers can efficiently convert your PSD file to Wordpress blog.

Contact us today for any of your wordpress web development needs and we will serve you promptly.